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WordPress Plugin Review: WP About Author

Wordpress Plugin About Author


So I decided to write a review about a WordPress plugin I have used and I bet at least %50 of people who are about to read this post have searched for a WordPress About Author plugin because I have done my homework and learned a few SEO tricks. Anyways, I’m about to comment on this little plugin I found on the internet. It’s called “WP About Author” and it does the job. However, I had to do a lot of stuff to get it working and at the end I gave up on some stuff.

-What does this wordpress plugin do? This plugin is for those of you who want to have a small box under your posts which contains your name, a quick little biography, a picture of you, and some links to your email and social profiles. You have to enter all the information mentioned in your WordPress profile (in user’s section) and it will automatically show up in its place (well not really in its place.. read on and you’ll know why).

- Installing the plugin was super easy since wordpress does the job for you and you dont have to worry about a thing!

- Activating the plugin is also super easy since you just click on “Activate” link and it will do so!

- Getting the plugin to work though… Its a super confusing thing to do for most of users! Why? READ ON! (gosh why am I yelling lol)

- Here is what I did: I typed all the information in my user profile in WordPress and what I saw was a badly resized picture of mine grabbed from Gravatar along with a white box showing on the left side of the page. My bio was okay and didn’t look too bad. The social icons were supposed to show up one after another in one line but they didn’t. Instead they were each in a separate line as a new paragraph. Links to my social network profiles wouldn’t work properly and etc!

- Here is what I think: Anyways, I’m not saying that this plugin is bad and not suitable for you use. All I’m saying is that this WordPress plugin needs a lot of work to get it working. As a matter of fact, it happens to be the best ‘about author plugin’ for someone who knows how to fix all these problems all by himself/herself. So you need to know how to change html and css codes in order to fix these problems since the developer of this plugin certainly will not help you out in the support area. How do I know? Cause I have posted questions and he has not replied and the only person who is actively helping others to fix these problems is really me Electric Shock

About Kaveh Erfani

Kaveh is a civil engineering student by day and a blogger/technology enthusiasts by night. He has also taken a step in designing user interface of Joomla sites. He knows Persian and English and tries to write about what goes on with his life in Iran.

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