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Disappointing Results of Second Term of Civil Engineering

Unfortunately this post is one of those disappointing posts which is more like someone basically nagging all over the blog. I was so happy with my university results last term that I thought it will go down the same road this time and I will stay happy with this studying style I chose. However, that style did not work at all and I have screwed up this term big time. I dont really know what went wrong. Anyways, this post is going to be about disappointing results of second term of civil engineering which is what I am studying at this moment. Here is a list of possible things:


  1. First midterms came up and I was not ready for them so I had to study for the midterms and not pay attention to the content which profs were teaching at the same time.
  2. Second midterms came up and I was still not ready because I had to study for the first midterms and make up for them.
  3. Final exams are coming up and I am not ready at all.
  4. I lost hope. A friend of mine repeatedly gave negative energy.


Now this all might sound about right except the last one. Maybe you think Im beginning to blame everyone else and Im trying to run away from reality. But that is absurd since I have confessed to the very first three facts. Anyways, What to do now? Here is a bulletpoint of things:


  • I can start studying for final exams.
  • I can talk to profs to balance percentages
  • I can drop a course
  • I can look for small little grades to add up to my final grades (such as late assignments etc.)


Today is May 30th (Khordad 9th in Persian Calendar). University will be closing on (Khordad 20th) on June 20th. My last “2nd Midterm” is Chemistry which is very important to me since I need to keep my grades up and I have only a week to prepare for it since its on 18th of Khordad.

Here is the my Final Examination Schedule.

Download: Final Exam Schedule (T2)


Wish me luck all. I need it!

About Kaveh Erfani

Kaveh is a civil engineering student by day and a blogger/technology enthusiasts by night. He has also taken a step in designing user interface of Joomla sites. He knows Persian and English and tries to write about what goes on with his life in Iran.

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